2-6 Players
60 Minutes

Alfie Moss, the notorious leader of the Wise Guys gang, has been expanding their area of operation.  Alongside his two lieutenants, Ronnie and Micky, they are starting to get a bit too big for their bollocks.

I’m a reasonable man, and I don’t mind a bit of healthy competition, but when those fu**ers think they can come into my territory and steal MY business, they need to be taught a lesson in manners.

Let’s put this di**head down. Raid Alfie’s office, word on the street is that he has hidden some evidence there that the police need to put him behind bars.

Find that evidence.

Adults (16+): £15.00pp / Children: £10.00pp


Please note, that the game contains strong language and references to gambling, horse-racing, smoking and alcohol.

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